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    Schisandra-EX™ – Schisandra Extract

    Schisandra-EX™ is a Botaniex’s branding extract from Schisandra berry/fruits.

    The Available Specifications:

    Product Name

    Brand Name/Code



    Schisandra Extract


    Schisandrins 1%~9%


    Schisandra Extract


    Schisandrins 3%~9%


    Schisandra Extract

    Schisandra-EX™ A

    Schizandrin A 1%~3% (Deoxyschisandrin)


    Schisandra Extract

    Schisandra-EX™ B

    Schizandrin B 1%~2% (Deoxygomisin A)



    About Schisandra Chinensis  

    Schisandra-EX - Schisandra ExtractSchisandra chinensis is a woody vine which bears numerous clusters of tiny, bright red berries. The vine is typically of height 15 to 25 feet and width 5 to 10 feet. It flowers from April to May, with flowers of diameter about 1 inch. The plant is found throughout northern and north-east China (especially in Jilin, Lianoning, Heilongliang and Hebei) and the adjacent regions of Russia and Korea. The fully ripe, sun-dried fruit is used medicinally. It has a mixture of sour, sweet, salty, hot, and bitter tastes. This unusual combination of flavors is reflected in its Chinese name wu-wei-zi, meaning “five-taste fruit”. Other names of Schisandra are “Schisandra”, “Wu-wei-zi”, “Schisandra japonica”, “Maximowiczia chinensis” and “Kadsura chinensis”.

    Schisandra chinensis is a plant which bears fruit containing one or more naturally-occurring adaptogens, which have been shown to maintain the body’s systemic tonicity and balance, improve concentration and attention-span, and increase acuity of vision and hearing. Schisandra is one of the most effective phytoadaptogen.

    Latin Names:             Schisandra chinensis(Turcz.) Baill.
    Schisandra sphenanthera Rehd. et Wils
    Common Names:     Schisandra Fruit, Schizandra Berry.
    Plant Family:              Schisandraceae
    Part of Plant Used:  Dried Fruits/Berries

    Molucular Structure of Active SubstanceSchisandra-EX-2


    The classical treatise on Chinese herbal medicine, the Shen Nung Pen Tsao Ching, describes schisandra as a high-grade herbal drug useful for a wide variety of medical conditions – especially as a kidney tonic and lung astringent. Chinese herbalists use schisandra for coughs, night sweats, insomnia, thirst, and physical exhaustion. Scientific research carried out in Russia from the 1940s to the present has confirmed the medical efficacy of schisandra chinensis for use in different conditions, and has also revealed its chemical composition and mechanisms of action.

    How it works
    Schisandra contains essential oils, acids and lignans which can, for example, help to regenerate liver tissue damaged by alcohol abuse or by hepatitis. One identified group of active ingredients is dibenzo-cyclo-octadiene lignans (1), which appear to possess therapeutic potential against oxidative neuronal damage induced by excitotoxins in the brain.

    The herb’s adaptogenic action may help improve physical and mental performance, relieve fatigue and build strength. Studies have shown that schisandra is effective against the bacteria connected with lung disorders. This herb promotes oxygen-supply for the cells, potentiates the body’s immune system, and protects against stress. Probably thanks in part to its beneficial effects on blood-circulation, it is also said to improve sexual performance, both increasing the man’s staying power and stimulating sensitivity in the female genitals.

    Benefits of Schisandra chinensis

    • Enhances immune system through antioxidant effect and promotes longevity
    • Positive effect on the lungs as lung astringent
    • Helps with hay fever, common cold, sore throat, and coughs
    • Increases energy supply to brain, muscles, liver, kidney, glands, nerves and entire body;
    • Improve sexual performance of both men and women;
    • Helps with forgetfulness, insomnia and night sweats
    • Fights fatigue and builds strength;
    • Protects from toxins for liver and hepatitis support
    • Alleviates stress and physical exhaustion
    • Helps with circulation and normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure
    • Normalizes body systems and speeds recovery after surgery
    • Improves vision
    • Aids irritable bowel syndrome

    Modern Chinese research suggests that the lignans found in schisandra help regenerate liver tissue damaged by harmful influences such as viral hepatitis and alcohol. Lignans have been found to lower blood levels of serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase (SGPT), a marker for infective hepatitis and other liver disorders. High efficacy of schisandra chinensis has been observed in diseases of the gastrointestinal organs (gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer), and in certain communicable diseases, as well as in some mental conditions.

    Uses in daily life, for particular professions

    Of particular interest are studies showing the beneficial effects of schisandra chinensis on healthy subjects. Administration of schisandra chinensis to road-transport drivers, aircraft pilots, seamen, and athletes has been found to permit them to maintain a high level of physical performance in stressful conditions. It has been proven to result in increased attention, improved endurance, and rapid recovery of strength following exertion.


    • Schisandra dry fruit: 1-6 grams per day;
    • But for the extract, the dosage depends on the herbal strength of the extract: Ratio of Schisandra fruits used in the extract.
    Possible side-effects, and Precautions:

    • Side-effects involving schisandra are uncommon, but may include abdominal upset, decreased appetite, and skin rash. Some herbs are known to react with other medications. Schisandra occasionally causes heartburn. Large doses can also lead to restlessness, insomnia, or difficulties in breathing.
    • Please consult your physician before starting on any herbal treatment.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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