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    Rhodiola-EX? Rose Root Extract


    Rhodiola-EX? is Botaniex’s branded, proprietary line of Rhodiola extracts. Rhodiola belongs to a group of plants that grow mostly in high-altitude or colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Its roots produce a light floral odour not unlike that of a freshly picked rose, giving this group of plants its common name, “Rose root.” The species used for horticulture is said to be an adaptogen – a class of herbal ingredients used to improve adrenal system health – making it particularly useful for addressing disorders of mood such as depression and increase mental or physical performance while delaying the onset of fatigue. Traditional Chinese Medicine has utilized Rhodiola to treat altitude sickness, colds and flus, and even a variety of infectious bacterial diseases. Botaniex offers extracts of Rhodiola to the following specifications.

    Product Name

    Brand Name/Code


    Rose Root Extract Rhodiola-EX?/Salidroside 03

    Salidroside 3%

    Rose Root Extract Rhodiola-EX?/Salidroside 05

    Salidroside 5%

    Rose Root Extract Rhodiola-EX?/Rosavin 01

    Rosavin 1%

    Rose Root Extract Rhodiola-EX?/Rosavin 03

    Rosavin 3%

    *Customized specification available upon request.
    Botanical Name Rhodiola rosea Rhodiola
    Plant Family Crassulaceae
    Part of Plant Used Root


    • Relieves Stress, improves mood and focus
    • Treats symptoms of depression
    • Increases mental and physical performance
    • Enhances immune function
    • Facilitates in weight loss
    • Improves sexual function


    In the spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where treatment of the body as a wholistic system is viewed as the most important aspect of healthcare, Rhodiola’s adaptogen properties are invaluable. Although identification of specific biochemical mechanisms is important for the administration of consistently effective treatments, they fail to account for the larger picture. Rhodiola reduces stress, improves mood, and increases mental capacity by modulating the adrenal system, controlling the release of cortisol and serotonin. These signalling hormones directly affect mood and stress levels, improving these leads to increases in physical performance, reduced fatigue, and a strengthened immune system.


    Rhodiola is considered generally safe, there are no known drug interactions and contraindications. There is the potential for allergies, so individuals intending to use Rhodiola extract based supplements should consider the advice of a physician. Refer to dosage information below for recommended and safe dosage levels.


    Typical effective doses for Rhodiola extract range from 100-300mg per day, do not exceed 1000mg.

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