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    Cordyceps-EX? Cordyceps Extract

    cordyceps bag
    Cordyceps-EX? is Botaniex’s proprietary branded extract from a laboratory ferment of Caterpillar Fungus. Due to its extreme rarity, and the advent of modern laboratory technologies, we utilize a method to reproduce the cordyceps fungus in an optimized and controlled environment for extraction. Botaniex produces and offers cordyceps extracts in the following specifications.

    Product Name

    Brand Name/Code


    Cordyceps Extract Cordyceps-EX?/Poly 10

    Polysaccharides 10%

    Cordyceps Extract Cordyceps-EX?/Poly 20

    Polysaccharides 20%

    Cordyceps Extract Cordyceps-EX?/Poly 40

    Polysaccharides 50%

    Cordyceps Extract Cordyceps-EX?/41

    4:1 Extraction Ratio

    Cordyceps Extract Cordyceps-EX?/101

    10:1 Extraction Ratio

    Cordyceps Extract Cordyceps-EX?/201

    20:1 Extraction Ratio

    *Customized specification available upon request.

    Cordyceps Fungi

    Cordyceps Fungus is extremely sought after due to its versatility in traditional medicinal treatments for conditions as simple as the cough to something as serious as arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). It is considered an adaptogen In Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is highly regarded, ranking among the best holistic treatments like Ginseng. The fungus is particularly rare due to its unusual parasitic quality in insects. The fungus invades and eventually replaces the tissues of many insect species, leaving an elongated mass of cordyceps fungus not much bigger than the insect that hosted it.

    Latin (Binomial) Name Ophiocordyceps sinensis cordyceps fungus
    Family Ophiocordycipitaceae
    Part of Organism Used Fungal Portion (Stroma)


    • Treats respiratory disorders (coughs, chronic bronchitis, asthma)
    • Treats kidney and liver disorders and prevents night time urination
    • Alleviates anemia, irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), and high cholesterol
    • Fortifies the immune system reducing fatigue and improving liver function in those affected by hepatitis
    • Holistic adaptogen, improves mood and sexual function
    • Prevents organ transplant rejection
    • Prevents and may treat cancerous growths


    Cordyceps is considered to be an adaptogen, a class of herbs or herbal remedies that are meant to holistically improve well being and improve bodily functions. Many of the chemical mechanisms of Cordyceps have yet to be identified, but there are definitely a handful that have a large amount of support through in vitro and in vivo studies of suspected active chemicals. multiple polysaccharide components have been isolated and, cordycepin is shown to anticancer properties.


    Cordyceps is safe to consume with no known drug interactions or contraindications.


    typical dosages are around 500mg/day.

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